Le nostre Collezioni

Full White

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”
Marilyn Monroe

Enchanting and timeless, diamonds have always been a symbol of purity, perfection and eternity. Undisputed stars of one of the company's flagship lines, diamonds are every jewel’s core, starting from a more classic style to move towards more imaginative shapes. A wonderful light, that is only yours, for unforgettable moments.


To the fore in the Art Deco period, the "Baguette" cut has become a must: the unmistakable long and rectangular shape full of facets brings to mind charm, charisma and elegance.
This is the inspiration behind this Maison Govoni collection, which takes its name from it, creating a perfect interpretation of the classic, declined in various proposals to wear at any moment, without ever losing the sense of eternity.


Rubies, sapphires and emeralds’ magic for an incisive and modern collection, which refers to the eternity of the classic lines declined in a modern key. The enchanting brilliance of the noble stones combined with the purity of the neoclassical forms makes these jewels the passepartout of style, elegance and refinement.


Brown diamonds were born to transmit authenticity, warmth and passion through a variegated and enchanting chromatic scale, which ranges from sunny champagne shades to amber honey, cinnamon and caramel. A wide range of nuances to be loved in all their facets. A collection designed to make resurface the magic of an expansive, generous and romantic woman.


Magical and dreamy: a trendy and fairytale collection up with trends. The romantic elegance of the warm rosé gold shades meets the sinuous modernity of Maison Govoni’s shapes, in an intense beauty vortex to wear whenever you desire.

Nouvelle Chevalier

The princely line of Chevalier rings consists of little pinkie rings, with a flat head and brown stones pavé setting, with a precious and seductive heart. An elite and refined collection, for an elegant and deeply refined woman.

Estensibili (EXTENSIBLES)

Exclusive details beautify bracelets and rings with soft, elastic, and extensible mesh, with modern shapes, comfortable to wear. Gold and diamonds are the heart of a collection with a fresh and contemporary design; classic and original at the same time.


Gold becomes the undisputed protagonist thanks to a decisive design for this collection of puffed jewels with important lines. Dome can be recognized by its strong personality and its soft shapes.


Imagine a garden with bright and delicate flowers during summer at sundown, where beautiful butterflies with mysterious shades and precious dragonflies fly around. Thanks to special galvanic treatments able to guarantee a meticulous realism, this is the Maison Govoni’s line which deviates from the traditional jewelry: a marvelous "forest of creativity".


Young and dynamic, or classic and precious, this collection’s main feature is the possibility of personalizing your jewel with a name. Every name is precious, it's about you. It can be a memory, a word of love, a feeling that accompanies you and it has neither space nor a time. Each name is a piece of your life, a step you have made, a goal to reach, an emotion that you want to transmit. A precious desire, only yours, that you can wear whenever you want.


“Deep in every heart slumbers a dream, and the couturier knows it: every woman is a princess.”
Christian Dior


White, pink and yellow gold in a triumph of deliciously tantalizing preciousness: the gold is renewed thanks to fluid and graceful forms, turning into jewels of character, ready to wear singularly or mixed in a creative and original way.

Intrecci (BRAIDINGS)

Diamonds’ rows alternating with gold lines: a fascinating kaleidoscope of curves, harmoniously braided in soft and sinuous shapes. Eighteen carats seduction for charismatic, modern and original women.

Eclisse (ECLIPSE)

White and black diamonds blend together to create unique shades and contrasts; an actual collection for prêt a porter jewelry.


A colorful exotic carnival, overflowing with sparkling suggestions. A party of light, a color explosion in all its precious vivacity. The multicolored splendor of prasiolite, amethyst, citrine quartz, rhodolite, peridot and garnet in every possible matching, combined with the diamonds’ timeless magnificence: an hypnotic rainbow to be worn.

Absolute Blue

Blue is glory, dream, power.
Blue is a wave, a vibration.
Blue is resonance, spirit, particle, memory, metaphor.
Blue is the abyss: luminous ultramarine seduction, designed to re-shine.
This refined and charming line of jewelry signed by Maison Govoni was born from the encounter between the sapphires’ enchanting blue and the diamonds’ sparkling purity.

Montature (SETTINGS)

Precious and impressive settings, with refined shapes, created to leave room for large-sized gems’ luminous splendor. Do you already own an important stone? Do you want to give it a new and exclusive style, signed by Maison Govoni? This is the right collection created for you.

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